Rationale Statement

Rationale Statement

Businessdictionary.com defines a boutique as a “relatively small firm that provides a limited range of (usually) very specialized goods and service.” This we believe defines who we are as Immigration Boutique.

In 2007, Mr. Lubbe found immigration to be his niche of business as he understood the type of impact quality of a service can have on a person’s life from being a policeman and firefighter. The company was therefore erected on the foundation of offering each and every client a customized and tailor-made experience with the service it was to offer.

Our objective is to adopt each client into our family as Immigration Boutique as it is embedded in our work ethic to make sure that they are attended to in a manner that is intimate and personalized and that caters to individual needs.

Unlike in a big company, immigration is not a department – it is our speciality and sole purpose for existence.

The face-to-face daily interactions between employees and top management ensures that work is always of the highest quality as client satisfaction is top priority for us.

Challenges are easily identified and just as easily dealt with! The buck stops with the perpetrator and therefore clients need not wait long periods for their concerns and anxieties to be attended to.

Immigration is a fragile industry and that is why we continually deliver on the promise of offering a service that is exclusive and unique, serving each client as if he was our only client.