Retired Person’s Visas

Retired Person’s Visa

As the name stipulates, this visa will be issued to persons who wish to retire in the well-seasoned Republic of South Africa, provided that the applicants comply with the financial requirements provided in the Immigration Act, 2002 (Act No. 13 of 2002) and its regulations.

The Retired Person’s visa does, of course, not allow any work to be conducted within the Republic of South Africa. Retired persons on this visa qualify immediately and may apply for Permanent Residence at the nearest VFS Centre within the vicinity of the applicant’s residence in the Republic of South Africa, without having to comply with the specified requirements that apply to the various other visa applications.
In the event that the applicant does not wish to obtain Permanent Residency in the Republic of South Africa, it is important to know that a Retired Person’s Visa is only valid for 4 years at a time and can be renewed within the Republic, at your nearest VFS Centre.